Little World’s End

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The slope in this place straightly goes about 1500 ft – 2000 ft. Bibile, Medagama, Ampara, Monaragala can be viewed from this place. This is situated in Kokagala Estate of Wewabedda Grama Niladhari Division of Lunugala Divisional Secretary Division. One way of reaching this place is proceeding 8 km from Passara Madolsima main road passing Akiriya and talking the turn to right from Kuruvigolla junction and proceeding Pitamaruwa road, then turn from Ambalama junction and proceeding 15 km.The other way is proceeding 7 km in Janatha road after taking a turn from Lunugala Police Station and again proceeding 10 km in Kokagala road after taking a turn from Ambalama junction.